Animal Friendly Housekeeping Team

Our goal is to make your home a pleasant, healthy environment!

Below you will find the services we offer for our cleaning services.  We offer the basic cleaning services, our deep cleaning services.  There is a difference between the 2 services.  The basic cleaning services are usually for homes that have already gone through a deep cleaning service to prepare the home for regular weekly, biweekly, or monthly services.  The deep cleaning services, those are for homes that need a thorough top to bottom cleaning service for a home that is going to be on a regularly scheduled service or for vacant homes/rental properties that are being turned over back to the landlord, or a being prepared for a new renter or a new owner.   Deep cleaning services are time consuming as its is a top to bottom cleaning which includes all the items under the Deep Cleaning Services heading.  

Basic Cleaning Services​

What we do on a basic cleaning.

Formal Living, Dining & Family Room, Entry,  etc
Stairwell, or Hallway Areas:

• Dust fixtures/shelves

• Vacuum carpets

• Clean wall socket plates/door handle area

• Vacuum/dust baseboards

• Dust window sills

• Damp mop floors

Kitchen and Laundry Areas:

• Clean counter tops

• Clean small kitchen appliances exterior

• Microwave inside and out

• Stove exterior

• Refrigerator exterior

• Spot Clean Cabinet exteriors

• Dishwasher exterior

• Sink, faucet and drain

• Dust window sills

• Vacuum and mop floors

• Vacuum/dust baseboards

• Washer/dryer exteriors

• Clean wall socket plates/door handle area

Bedrooms and Office Areas:

• Dust fixtures/shelves

• Vacuum carpets

• Vacuum/dust baseboards

• Dust light fixtures & lampshades

• Clean wall socket plates/door handle area

• Vacuum and mop floors

Bath Areas: 

• Tub/shower stall(s)

• Commode inside and out

• Lights, mirrors and counter

• Clean cabinet exteriors

• Paper holder/towel racks

• Vacuum and mop floors

• Vacuum/dust baseboards

• Clean wall socket plates/door handle area

• Damp mop floors 

Deep Cleaning Services

Our move-in or move-out cleaning is specific for vacant properties. In most cases, the items listed below will thoroughly cover all that is needed to accomplish that goal:

All Rooms:

• Cleaning light fixtures / light bulbs

•  Hand Cleaning any ceiling fans

•  Removing cobwebs from ceiling

•  Cleaning high ledges

•  Cleaning air vents

•  Dusting / Hand wiping down blinds / shutters

  Cleaning glass on doors

•  Removing fingerprints from all woodwork, door frames, & switch plates

•  Cleaning window sills

•  Wiping doors and all door frames

•  Hand Wiping baseboards

•  Dusting / wiping down stair railings

•  Cleaning of the inside/outside (1st level only) all windows reachable with 6 ft ladder.

All Bathroom areas:

•  Cleaning and sanitizing counters

•  Cleaning and sanitizing toilet (including inside of bowl and base of toilet and tank)

•  Scrubbing sink

•  Scrubbing tub / shower

•  Cleaning mirrors

•  Cleaning inside of vanity cabinets/closet areas

•  Damp Wiping cabinet doors

•  Hand Wiping baseboards

Kitchen area:

•  Cleaning and sanitizing all counters

•  Scrubbing sink

•  Cleaning inside/outside of cabinets/shelving in pantry

•  Cleaning inside/outside of all drawers/tracks

•  Cleaning inside of Fridge and Oven and moving them to clean behind/underneath them

•  Wiping outside of all appliances

•  Hand Wiping baseboards

The Fine Print

• On occupied homes, We cannot move furniture, but we will try to reach any visible places either by hand or with an extension duster.   Cleaners are not allowed to step higher than a 2 step step-stool.

• Some homes have at least one chandelier or vaulted ceiling fan that we cannot reach by hand.

• We cannot guarantee the results of mini-blind cleaning.  Excessive build up may require an additional charge.

• Cleaning is by appointment only. If we are unable to gain access to the home or are turned away at the time of the scheduled cleaning, there is a $50 service fee that will be billed and must be paid within 14 days.