Animal Friendly Housekeeping Team

Our goal is to make your home a pleasant, healthy environment!

About Us

I started this business catering to households who own animals once I became aware of many housekeeping companies charging extra money (from $10 to $20 extra per pet) to families who have furry companions who live in the household.  Now lets face it.  They can charge what they want, but if you own pets, they are part of your family.  You are not going to be crazy about paying extra just to have your home cleaned because a few of your family members have 4 legs and paws.    I being a pet owner, I would refuse to pay any extra just to have my home cleaned because I have indoor cats and a dog.  

We understand that your pets are a part of your family.  They shed as animals do.  We do not mind the extra pet hair or nose prints on the windows, or cleaning up the pet food mats, etc.  That's our job!  We love animals and we think that everyone deserves a tidy home even if they have pets.  Pet hair can become a challenge but that is what we are for.  We are there to clean your home and help ease that burden of extra work for you.  

Many of our clients have more than 2 family pets whom reside in the home with them.  They have since come to us to have us do their household chores as they too were being charged extra money to have housekeeping services on their homes.  

Join our other clients and enjoy a clean home for your family and your pets.